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October CMS Plugin Tutorial (intro)

Hello and welcome to tutorial intro, where we will describe what will this tutorial be about.

We will be creating simple testimonials plugin, which will include CRUD of testimonial in administration and component that will display created testimonials.

Tutorial series will cover coding simple, but detailed plugin and preparing plugin for OctoberCMS marketplace.

Part I.

  1. Plugin setup
  2. Project details
  3. Project structure
  4. Project setup
  5. Menu registration
  6. Models and Controllers

Part II.

  1. Coding our Controller
  2. Creating Controller view
  3. CRUD of testimonial
  4. List of testimonials
  5. Component registration

Part III.

  1. Component settings
  2. Component view
  3. Displaying objects on view
  4. Plugin migrations and versioning
  5. How to publish on marketplace
  6. Wrap up!