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Custom made web application

When out of the box solutions fail then custom web application comes in handy. Every business is different and maybe you need something specific to stand out of the crowd. With power of Laravel we will bring you custom web application that fits your business perfectly. Do you need multilingual web page with forum or maybe blog? Or maybe you need application for organizing your business? We got you covered!

We would like to point out our biggest project so far and it's powered by Laravel. Visit Economica Hungarica or read more on our portfolio

Website economica hungarica made,made in october cms

October CMS

Heard of wordpress but not OctoberCMS? Don't worry OctoberCMS is great CMS solution that is built on top of Laravel and we use it for our website you are browsing now. With OctoberCMS we can create new theme personalized for your business together with plugin development to enrich your website with various tools that will help you connecting with your users.

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